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"Bao Fei Si" additive - Solanum-specific type

"Baofeisi" additive - special type of solanaceous crops:
It is a polyamine special fertilizer additive developed for the growth characteristics of solanaceous crops.
“Baofeisi” (patent application number: 201110109999.X) is a new type of organic polymer material obtained by Liaoning Zhongke Bioengineering Co., Ltd. by using bioengineered bacteria to produce amino acid polymer after purification and purification. The environmentally friendly bio-type fertilizer synergist is a technical product for the production of poly-based fertilizers. The test proves that it has the characteristics of high activity, degradability and no pollution. It can overcome the contradiction between the excessive loss of nutrients in the short-term and the inefficient absorption and utilization of crops in a short period of time, and provide a kind of prevention of nutrient loss and nutrient in a short period of time. Fertilizer synergists that use efficiency to meet the needs of efficient nutrient absorption in crops in the short term have been well used in fertilizer modification.
“Baofeisi” is aimed at the four functions of fertilizer nutrients:
1. Promote nutrient absorption and increase the operating rate - with pump!
2. Enrich rhizosphere nutrients and increase nutrient concentration - Gathering!
3. Complexation of the segregation, reduce fixation, increase the effective period - activation!
4. Energy space wraps and accumulates nutrients, delays release - strong fertilizer effect!
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