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Soil pesticide pollution repair agent



The use of pesticides in protected greenhouses in China is basically every 7 days, and pesticides are used in turn. The long-term and large-scale use of pesticides will lead to the destruction of soil microbial communities, causing the stagnation, fertility decline, soil nutrient cycling, and severely affecting agricultural ecology. The sustainable development of the environment and the production of crops directly threaten food safety and endanger the health of the people. Continuous use of greenhouses will have to change soil every 3-4 years, labor and time, if repairing repairs can make the soil more years of application, reducing the cost of soil replacement.
The functional component of the soil remediation agent is a pesticide detoxification enzyme. By adding a stabilizer, a protective agent, an adsorbent and other auxiliary materials and agglomerating materials, the residual amount of organophosphorus, organic sulfur and pyrethroid pesticides in the soil can be reduced to 0.1 mg / kg below the soil, can effectively degrade the pesticide residues in the soil, the degradation rate reaches 60-90%, remove the phytotoxicity, improve the soil ecological environment, contribute to soil nutrient cycling and microbial metabolism, and the granules and other ingredients can be improved. Soil structure, increase permeability, promote salt down, and increase crop yield.

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