Let "No. 1 Document" install an "accelerator" for the new fertilizer



Hao Xiaoming

“China’s annual nitrogen loss is as high as 13 million tons, equivalent to more than 32 million tons of urea lost. About 13 million tons of nitrogen enters the atmosphere and water every year. At present, the national nitrogen fertilizer utilization rate is only about 35%, lower than that of developed countries. Nearly 20%, the loss rate is as high as 45%.” Recently, at the Standing Committee of the “Strict Fertilizer Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance” organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Shi Yuanliang from the Shenyang Institute of Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences cited a group of figures to tell about China's agriculture. The gap between fertilizer and developed countries.
In 2013, the central “No. 1 Document” clearly pointed out specific subsidized products such as “Low-toxic low-residue pesticides and high-efficiency slow-release fertilizers”. Not long ago, the national conference on the promotion of controlled release fertilizers proposed that the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center should further improve the testing, demonstration and promotion of slow release fertilizers and other new fertilizers.
China is a country with more types of slow-release fertilizers and the most complete varieties. It has a history of more than 20 years of development. At present, the research in this field is leading the international similar products. Because the long-acting slow-release fertilizer is called stable fertilizer in the world, Shenyang Ecology Institute implemented the “combination of the long-acting slow-release fertilizer and stable fertilizer”, which was developed in 2011, when the national industry standard was promulgated. .
“Stable fertilizer can reduce the application of nitrogen fertilizer by 8%-20%, which can balance the relationship between agricultural production increase and energy conservation and emission reduction, and create a harmony between food and environment.” Stable Fertilizer Industry Technology Innovation Alliance Chairman, Wu Zhijie, researcher at the Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said. This kind of product called “stable fertilizer” is a new type of environmentally friendly fertilizer produced by the patented technology and formula of Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This technology has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Awards in 1998 and 2008. . 28 large and medium-sized enterprises such as Shandong Shikefeng Chemical, Heilongjiang Beifeng Agricultural Materials Group and Jiangsu Huachang Chemical Group applied this technology. At present, the national annual production is about 1.2 million tons.
“Central 'No. 1 Document' gave us the enterprise that is engaged in the production and research and development of new fertilizers, and has eaten the 'reassuring pills', which clarifies the development direction of the enterprise. We have promoted the environmentally-friendly fertilizer for many years – the stable fertilizer was included in this one. Document No. 'I believe that in the country's policy support, the development of stable fertilizer will enter the fast lane, and I believe that this good fertilizer will be widely recognized by farmers and make greater contributions to China's agricultural production." The "Shi Kefeng" brand compound fertilizer producer Jie Yongjun said his heart.
Lu Zongyun, deputy general manager of Shenyang Zhongke New Fertilizer Co., Ltd., which owns the technology patent, said that stable fertilizer has played an irreplaceable role in the spring maize in the northeast, the summer maize-free topdressing technology in the Central Plains, and the weight-loss technology of rice and wheat. They have shown that they can receive 188 yuan per mu through demonstrations in 22 provinces across the country. Now they promote about 25 to 30 million mu per year, which can increase income for agriculture by more than 4 billion yuan.
“Over the years, companies have been working hard to promote this fertilizer, but due to the disorderly competition in the market, false propaganda and fertilizer prices, the development of stable fertilizers has not achieved the expected results, and currently only accounts for 3 of the national applicable fertilizers. %." Wu Zhijie, chairman of the Stable Fertilizer Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, resonated with the company - "The indicators of stable fertilizer utilization and yield increase are good in the field. Now farmers have realized the benefits, but the state can support The policy has not kept up, almost all of the company is doing promotion."
"Future Alliance will focus on the development of stable fertilizers and terminal promotion and docking problems in product standards, testing methods, alliance identification, anti-counterfeiting, etc., so that stable fertilizers will become a good fertilizer in China." A group of soil fertilizer developers represented by Dr. Shi Yuanliang from the Shenyang Institute of Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and producers of the stable fertilizer industry said. They believe that how to guide the policy is the key to the development of the enterprise. The “No. 1 Document” for the subsidy of high-efficiency slow-release fertilizer not only solves the problems of agricultural income increase and environmental protection, but also should become the “accelerator” for the healthy development of stable fertilizer.
(Original in "Technology Daily" 2013-04-26 12 edition)

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