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Compound seasoning - powder




Shantou companion
This product is made up of a variety of enzyme preparations and emulsifiers as the main raw materials, and is carefully compounded by oxidizing agents and reinforcing agents. This product is strictly implemented in accordance with the food additive hygiene standard GB2760-2011. It is a safe and efficient quality improvement agent for steamed bread.
Product features: Improve operating performance, can effectively stabilize the production process, prevent sticking machine, sticky roller;
Effectively increase the whiteness of steamed bread by the reasonable action of the enzyme preparation;
Adaptable to flour, able to adapt to various quality flours;
Give the product a more delicate organization, effectively increase the volume of the steamed bread, and increase the product yield.
Bread improver
This product is carefully compounded with various active ingredients such as enzyme preparation, emulsifier and oxidant. The flour can be effectively improved by a series of physical and chemical reactions with the flour, which can make the bread reach an ideal state and give the product a good texture. At the same time, the product has a good auxiliary effect on the production operation of the pressed surface, and can improve the effect comparable to the product to which potassium bromate is added.
Give the product a more delicate tissue shape and effectively increase the bread volume;
Effectively improve the water absorption of the dough and promote gluten expansion;
Effectively improve the expansion of bread into the furnace, and improve the product yield;
Effectively improve the quality of the bread production process;
Effectively increase the softness of the bread;
Effectively improve the anti-aging ability of bread.

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