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Zhongke Ai Di R brand fertilizer synergist - Fei Num (201110109999.X) is a bio-fertilizer produced by Liaoning Zhongke Bio-engineering Co., Ltd. and Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The synergist contains macromolecular polymeric amino acid actives, which can reduce fertilizer nutrient loss, increase crop nutrient concentration, stimulate crop root development, promote nutrient absorption and operation of crops, achieve rapid and efficient nutrient absorption, and improve crop yield and quality.
1. Plant nutrient absorption enhancer
Increase crop nitrogen uptake by 7.54%, phosphorus uptake by 4.3%, and potassium uptake by 8.45%;
2. Fertilizer nutrient synergist
The average nitrogen utilization rate increased by 35.74%, the phosphorus utilization rate increased by an average of 18.09%, and the potassium utilization rate increased by an average of 28.69%.
3. Increase production and enhance quality
It can increase the Vc content in crops and reduce the nitrate content, and the average yield of crops increases by 7-15%;
4. Promote development and improve crop resistance
The crop can more effectively absorb the medium and trace elements in the soil, promote the root development of the crop, and enhance the resistance;
5. Biotechnology, green, environmental protection
The season is degraded by soil microbes into monomeric amino acids for crop absorption and utilization without secondary pollution.
How to use and suggestions:
Mix this product with fertilizer and apply it evenly. Suggestions for different crops are as follows:
Vegetable crop
It can be used in the process of vegetable planting. After mixing with the base fertilizer or flushing fertilizer, the bottom application or flushing can be applied. The dosage of 1.0-1.2kg per mu should be used with caution.
Field crop
Can be widely used in the fertilization of field crops, mixed with fertilizer, base fertilizer, top dressing can be used, the amount of acres is 1.0kg;
Fruit crop
It can be evenly mixed with the fertilizer needed for fruit trees, and the dosage should be mixed according to the ratio of Baofeisi: fertilizer = 1:50.
Note: This product can not be used for foliar application or application alone. Do not mix with strong acid or strong alkaline substances. Store in a cool, dry place.

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