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High melting point gelatin

High melting point gelatin
As a kind of protein hydrocolloid, gelatin is a natural nutritive food thickener with the advantages of nutrition, health care, special gelation and stability. However, the lower melting point of gelatin gel hinders its application in meat products. If it is easy to melt during storage and transportation in summer, it will reduce the quality and taste of the food. Therefore, our company issued gelatin with a high melting point gel to solve the above problems.
Suitable products: suitable for use as a gelling agent for cooked meat products.
Dosage: It can be added in an amount of 7% to 8% of the ratio of water or soup.
1, can keep the product does not melt at room temperature (temperature range 30-37 ° C);
2, faster than ordinary gelatin gel;
3, Enhance product elasticity and taste.
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