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Compound preservative-special products series

Complex acid preservative (mold proof)
Broad-spectrum antibacterial has a significant effect on the shelf life of baked products. How to use in noodle products: There are three types, which can be selected according to the actual production and needs.
Option 1: Spraying Natamycin on the surface of baked products
Dosage dose 100ppm
How to use: Dissolve natamycin in edible high-concentration alcohol and prepare a solution of 100ppm (0.01% concentration). Spray it on the surface of the product when the cake and bread products are just baked, and then package or sell.
Use effect: It can effectively inhibit the mildew on the surface of the noodle products, and extend the shelf life of ordinary cakes and bread products to more than 7 days.
Option 2: Use a composite mildew inhibitor in the processing of pasta.
Dosage: about 2% of the amount of flour (ie 2g added to 1kg of flour);
Usage: In the processing, after fully mixing with the flour, the other production process can be carried out normally.
Use effect: It can effectively inhibit the spoilage of packaged bread products and extend the shelf life to more than one month.
Scheme 3: Use a compound mildew inhibitor (Scheme 2) in the processing of the pasta. When the product is just baked, mix it with the alcohol solution of Natamycin (Scheme 1), and then package.
Use effect: It is suitable for long shelf life products, which can effectively inhibit the deterioration and surface mildew inside the dough, and extend the shelf life to more than half a year.
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